Rochester Redskins Youth Football & Cheer Organization

What you need to know to be a Redskins Cheerleader!


Game Day Guidelines

  • All Cheer Squads are to arrive 30 minutes prior to the game start time for warm-up. 
  • All participants must remain on the sidelines for the entire game.  No sitting in stands during your assigned game. 
  • We are guest at all of the fields we play at, please treat them with respect and clean up any litter. 
  • There will be a maximum of three adults allowed on the sideline during games.  This will be a combination of 1 coach and 2 team moms and/or 2 coaches and one team mom. 

Football Game Schedules

  • Regular season football games runs from late August and continue into early November.  Football playoffs and Super Cheer take place in November.  
  • Games will be on either Saturday or Sunday.  Some travel to nearby cities will be required. 
  • Redskins Football has both a Maroon and Gold Team for every level except Varsity.  Since there are 4 total cheer squads we rotate which team we are playing for each weekend.  

Practice Attire

  • Clothing should be more on the fitted side - loose clothing is a safety hazard.  
  • No jewelry of any kind.  If your ears have just been pierced, they must be taped for every practice and game. 
  • Athletic shoes required at all practices.  New cheer shoes are required for competition, these are ordered as a team and paid for at the time of equipment distribution. 
  • Nails must be kept at a sports length for the safety of your teammates.  No nail polish is allowed for games and/or competition. 
  • Many water breaks are given, please be sure to bring a large water bottle.